Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Nole Marin

Behind every campaign, there’s a story. Behind every photo shoot, there’s a story. Behind every casting, there’s a story. Behind every model/booker meet, there’s a story. Behind every designer’s fitting, there’s a story. Behind every “Polaroid” shoot, there’s a story. Behind every successful model’s career, there’s a story. It’s the nature of the beast. There is a motto that you models need to know. “What you won’t do the next model will.” It is just that simple.

Is it time for you to leave the business? Perhaps. I can’t make that decision for you. But you models (especially the males) are in a business that is predominantly run by the homosexual community (please see my previous blog “Modeling and the Ugly Fat Chickhttp://dallasjlogan.blogspot.com/2010/03/modeling-and-ugly-fat-chick.html). If you wish to succeed in this business, you will have to play the game if you like it or not. It is just that simple.

The reason for this blog is that allegations came to light that celebrity stylist Nole Marin is being charged with making unwanted sexual advances upon wanna-be model Nicholas Hamman-Howe. Is it true? Who’s to say? There are three stories in this particular Greek tragedy. The model’s side, the alleged “perpetrator” side, and what really happened. Since I wasn’t there, I can't tell you what really happened, but I can tell you one thing. I think I know how it went down. It is a very common movie.

Act One / Scene One

Beautiful “model” with great physique is approached by someone in the fashion industry. Information is exchanged, and a professional relationship is forged. Fashion Industry Person (“FIP”) tells model that they can have a great career. Starts to fill their head up with dreams of becoming the next supermodel. (No one can make you the next supermodel. Remember that).

Model becomes intrigued and FIP may or may not start making sexual innuendos to the model. It can be playful banter, it can be sexually suggestive comments, etc. The model (who may or may not be straight, MAY play along). (At this point, if the model wasn’t interested, it should’ve been nipped in the bud).

Then once the model is open to the prospects of possibly being a professional working model, FIP may say something like “I can make you a star.” (No one, except the person SIGNING the checks can do anything like that for you).

Situation ensues where the model and FIP are in a place where the FIP “takes advantage” of the model. The model acquiesces. Then the FIP got what he wanted, but the model didn’t, and guess what? The model cried rape.

End Scene.

This is a common scenario in the world of modeling. For both male and female. People in the industry will offer you advancement and some are in the position to do so. You, being the model, are an adult and it is up to you at this point to make the decision of what you are willing to do, or not. What you will allow, and won’t. What will happen, and not. But what you shouldn’t do is go through with the game plan and then bitch about to others in the industry. That is an ultimate NO-NO.

The fashion industry is very very tiny. And what you say or do will be heard around the modeling world in a matter of minutes. I remember a friend and wonderful photographer in Australia, George Favios (www.georgefavios.com) had a casting, and a model came with photos of mine in her book. He knew right away it was my work and a conversation commenced. Though nothing bad happened between me and this model, if it had and the model decided to badmouth me, I can guarantee you once that meeting was over I would’ve received an email about the situation. It is the nature of the beast. I used this scenario to let you know that anything (good or bad) can reverberate around the globe in a nanosecond.

I know a lot of the sexual proclivities of my colleagues. From CEOs of modeling agencies down to the interns that assist for photographers. I know the sexual appetites of various models and what they will and won’t do. I know of models on the “DL”. I know of the sexual antics of stylists and their stable of models. And I am quite sure a lot of them know about mine. But you want to know something? The difference is you won’t hear it from my mouth, because honestly what occurs between two consenting adults is none of my business. I could care less what happens between Photographer A and Model B. I could care less what happened behind the scenes of a photo shoot between a designer and a model. I could care less what it took to get the “fullness” in a model’s underwear. It is none of my business. And how do I know all these things? Because some models have big mouths. They are good for letting me know what so and so did to them at a photo shoot. Or what was texted, or said or done. My usual retort to that is “did you get what YOU needed?” If the answer is yes, my usual reply is “then shut the fuck up.”

As I said, this world is very small, and I associate with a lot of powerful people behind the scenes. If a model comes at me with their stories, I listen – with a grain of salt and I weigh out the consequences of what this person is telling me, because I have to make a mental decision of “am I going to alert my colleague of this particular incident?” “Is this model telling the truth?” “Should I mind my business?” Most often I mind my business because it let’s me know something. This particular model has a big mouth and if he is telling the business of the next professional, then 10 to 1, he will tell my business as well. And guess what models? Once you’re labeled as a big mouth, no one is going to want to work with you.

Now I am not telling you to go against your own moral fiber. Nor am I telling you what goes on in the fashion industry is right or wrong. I am just laying the scenario before you and you being an adult make the decisions for yourself. But don’t go crucifying the person because you allowed yourself to be put into a situation, and then things didn’t work out for you. You knew what you were doing when you got involved with this particular individual. You can’t cry wolf, after you let the wolf out to play.

So did Mr. Marin make unwanted sexual advances to Mr. Hamman-Howe? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. All I know is that there were two consenting adults in a room and what occurs between two consenting adults is none of my business.


  1. I am so glad someone brought this topic up. You are absolutely right, "What one model won't do, another one will." The sad thing is so many models look for that quick rush to the top for higher career status and may do anything to get there, but when they don't get what they want (or there as fast as they like or at all), some cry WOLF and/or look like damn fools because they were used for their bodies.

    First off, a model should know their surroundings, and in this case...the industry. I agree 110% with the fact of models nipping uninterested advances in the bud because part of being a successful model is appealing to people, but it doesn't have to end with physical encounters (which is personal). Take it as a compliment and keep it moving. Many don't know the difference between professionalism & personal interest because business & pleasure are 2 completely different things. GREAT post!

  2. This comment has no connection to Nole story cause as u said we don't really have the tools to judge the validity of the allegations at this point. But, its allways funny to me when i hear from a 6'5 muscular male model that he will not shoot with somone great cause he herd he makes advances and hits on the models... are u a man or lil boy? what are u afraid of? from somone who is half ur size? no one is gona rape you! You can make ur position clear of what u will and will not do and if somthing doesn't sit right and was not part of what u agreed and discussed with the photographer you are free to leave. if models are going to exclude professionals in the industry because they herd some rumor or are afraid of sexual advances u will be burning many bridges, this is a male dominated industry and gay dominated industry and I'm sorry MAN will b MAN regardless if they are gay or straight. Man use what they can to get sex with woman: their appearance, money , power... the ones who are not young and hot will find some other way threw statues money and power to get what they want... what makes u think just because they are gay they wont do the same to a male objective..? so when they hit on u just take it as a compliment and if they cant take a clue or keep their hands to themselves u are free to walk out or let them know "thanks but i can fluff my self for the underwear shot"! and in a final note to models who read this... if u are so amazingly beautiful and have the right look to be a "superstar" u wont need to do nun of that stuff because green stomps all other colors and if they think they can make tones of money on u and u the new shit they will b willing to work with u by ur rules.... if u have to sleep with somone just to get a booking then dear ur in the wrong profession.

  3. Great blog DJL...Some model just don't have the interpersonal skills needed to navigate through the pitfalls of the industry and some are accustomed to selling their bodies (and some photogs/stylists/ etc are desparate).

    As a photographer I have made the point of never shooting nudes alone with a model I do not know/trust for the simple reason that a scandal is not usually about truth but about what people want to believe.

    It is obvious that the industry is dominated by gay men but like straight men with females should not be stigmatised as being predatory as a given. Likewise a model should not assume that they can sleep their way to the top.

    Rest assured as a male model you will be hit on men in the industry ( and women) so you should learn how to navigate these advances while keep your eye on the prize so to speak. Many women deal with this everyday in the corporate workplace.
    Like Dallas said ...the business is really about working hard at your craft, interacting pleasantly with many people while maintaining a sense of self.

    Why put your self in situations that can get out of hand for a perceived short-cut???? And understand that yes agents etc will encourage you but be realistic. It is unlikely you will go from an unknown to high paid Armani model just because someone told you so without even a casting?

  4. DJL, what an EXCELLENT blog, well WRITTEN

  5. Thank you for the knowledge Dallas and everyone who commented. Thank you all

  6. D, even though I don't consider myself a model I still gain amazing insight from your writing. My opinion on this matter is that models should realize what they are getting themselves into. If you make a decision and the results are not what you expected you cannot crucify someone else because of it. You have to be a man and stand behind whatever it is you decided on doing. I am 100% sure that no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to do it. You're an idiot for even letting it get that far. To be honest, all that model did was black list himself. Great post D! -Goldin

  7. I continue to work in the "entertainment" industry and I frequently see and hear of sexual behavior on both sides of the camera.

    Because I have worked as both a makeup artist as well as a model for many years, I see and hear all kinds of stories and I have even personally experienced lewd and seductive behavior both in front of, and behind the camera.

    This happens everywhere you go, however if you have the real talent and skills, you will always work because even the sleazy agents need real talent to validate their unscrupulous business practices.

    I once worked for a small, yet powerful model agency where it was common knowledge for men to audition "after hours" in his private office in their underwear. However, after I booked a few jobs around town as a freelancer, he found out and invited me to join his agency roster with no sexual approach. I was booking legitimate jobs and getting paid properly by this same agent without benefits because he needed me to help legitimize his business.

    From my vantage point, no working model with any kind of a legitimate track record engages in this kind of sexual behavior, if any, for long because it causes far too much confusion. After being in the business for a while, you learn not to mix business with pleasure. It is never smart and can only cause confusion and hurt feelings down the line. It crosses boundaries that need to be upheld in order to keep the workplace a professional environment.

    I do know and believe that a lot of people on both sides of the camera do this to start or to create a career and then drop the sexual play once they have positioned themselves (excuse the pun) to work without offering favors. Then there are others who exclusively work with only one photographer or one agency because they are intimately involved in a mutual relationship. However, this is always a strategically planned choice and usually, whether through gossip or hearsay, other models agents and stylists know these "arrangements".

    However, from my vantage point again, most of this illicit activity usually takes place between the "hangers on" and the desperate people that have made themselves invaluable "go betweens" to a model's career.

    There are entire agencies in this business that are not legit and they operate only to trade sexual favors and other vices with photographers and stylists for work. People are always going to use their positions of power to atttract what they need and can't get on their own.

    A real agency model with training and looks does not need this kind of attention and with enough effort can start and create a working career without partying and drugging.

    I think this, like most situations, is more a case of those few that always make it bad for everyone else.