Wednesday, March 3, 2010


First off my dear fans, I apologize for not writing sooner. There have been so many things going on in my life (both professional and personal) that I could not get to this blog sooner than March. With all the horrible weather we’ve been getting in New York this winter, I am so surprised that there hasn’t been a bunch of suicides because of seasonal depression. I can guarantee one thing though; there will be a tremendous baby boom sometime in the fall.

I digress. I knew that as soon as I titled this blog: “Modeling and the Ugly Fat Chick” it was going to make waves. This blog is essentially what happens to models (especially males) when they don’t play the game. This is not a fat bashing blog entry and it's not a gay bashing blog entry. It is merely calling a spade a spade and it is up to you, dear models, to make the decision if you wish to play in this arena.

It is no surprise that the modeling industry is run by the homosexual community. Some of the most powerful people in fashion (approximately 85 – 90%) are homosexuals. This starts at the top with designers, stylists, agency owners, agency bookers, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, runway coaches, show promoters, etc. and the list can go on and on and on. We know that. If it wasn’t for the gay community, the world would honestly have no fashion. So what new wisdom could I possibly extol on you, you wish to know?

Well, when it comes to the male model, there a large sector who are gay, also. So to be in a world surrounded by homosexuals, some will feel right at home (provided, of course, they don’t deliver that certain je ne sais quoi on camera – check out one of my earlier posts – GATEKEEPER TO THE GODS But the handful of male models who are not gay, this causes the inevitable issue.

If any of you know me personally, or have read any of my previous posts know that when I have a photo session, I liken it to making love. My usual spiel is “It is my job as the photographer to make you feel desirable, wanted, sexy, etc. It is your job to convey that emotion back to me, and it is my job to capture it. The better the love making the better the babies [pictures] will be.” This doesn’t matter to me if the model is male or female. It is just a fact.

And if you know me, you also heard this: “Make your booker fall in love with you.” Doesn’t matter if they are a man or woman, gay or straight. The bottom line is this: If your booker loves you, they will send you out. If not, you will sit on their roster and collect dust. It is just that simple. I frequently have had models calling me lamenting over their treatment at agencies and their booker and I can guarantee you in a series of two or three pointed questions, I can usually get to the root of the issue.

Question 1: Is your booker male or female?
Answer: Male.

Question 2: Is your booker gay?
Answer: Yes.

Question 3: Are you gay?
Answer: No.

And therein lies the issue. It doesn’t take rocket science. Men (both gay and straight) think with their penis with regards to looks. Personally, if we were able to separate the two, the modeling industry will be a lot better off, but we are drawn by our instincts. If a booker happened to approach you as you are walking down the street, chances are he found you attractive. Doesn’t matter if you’re a model or not. Same holds true for a photographer. We have to find something about you that is attractive enough for us to want to shoot you and for a booker to show interest. Most times it has nothing to do with looks, but with sexual appeal. If bookers were able to separate that, I can guarantee you that you would see a wider range of diversity when it comes to model boards. Look at some of the modeling rosters. Once you’ve start putting names of models faces to the bookers who’ve “discovered” them, you will start to see a trend and you will also start noticing the booker’s taste. So let’s say you are the “taste” of the booker, however, you’re not gay? You better believe that you better become gay-friendly and become gay-friendly fast. Am I telling you to go against the moral fiber of your being? No. Am I telling you to have sex with the booker? No (that is RIDICULOUS). But I will tell you one thing. You better learn how to flirt – hence the title of this blog.

It is a sexually charged dance that goes on between a booker and a model and the models that dance that dance will have a lot more going for them than the model that doesn’t. So what do you do? Flirt back and think of the booker as the ugly fat chick. The ugly fat chick has something you need (work) and though you have no sexual desires for the ugly fat chick — and that is okay, however, if you don’t flirt and learn to play the game, the next model that will flirt will book the job. You know you'll never fuck her, but it doesn't hurt to flirt. A little eye fucking and a lunch or two will go a loooooooooooooong way to getting what you want. A well placed hand, a lingering handshake, hell even a late night phone call expressing interests in the booker’s day will put you in the forefront of their mind when a client contacts them for the next campaign or editorial. You want to be that new face? You want to be the model every designer books? You want to be the one to grace the runways during Fashion Week? You want to be in front of that camera of that well known photographer? Learn to flirt. Learn to play and your career can sky rocket. If you don’t believe me, just test it out.

So the next time you feel that your booker just isn’t feeling you. Ask yourself. Did you flirt?

There will be more to come… Remember these names in my future blogs (Recent Models Who've Graced My Camera):

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  1. Wow, it's that deep out there?

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  3. @Moodysid.....its actually worst out here! Dallas was just being politically correct. But; at the end of the day the CASTING couch is alive!!!

  4. Infortunately, in today's world this is a reality we all have to face in EVERY industry.

    While it is important that your agency and your booker love you, it is also important that you also treat them with respect and as business progessionals. There are so many dimensions when it comes to maintaining and creating career longevity and in the fickle world of fashion and beauty,..."one day you're in and the next day you're out." What is more important at the end of the day is how you will feel about yourself.

    At the end of the day you must know and undertsand the dynamics of your career path and that you kearn to gravitate towards those that can understand, see and support your vision. Beauty is great but there are successful working models that are plain and even average looking that have created lucrative money making careers.

    Confidence, personality and self love can carry you a long way in this business. There are a lot of beautiful faces that can't book a job. A smart business person knows that it takes several tries before a career is launched and you have to schmooze your agency and your clients. The road is different for every person.

  5. Powerful stuff Dallas ... and unfortuately more true than you so delicately articulated. Onward!

  6. Powerful words and beautiful works of art. I'm not a model but would you photograph me? I believe you could capture and accentuate my beauty.


  7. Probably the BEST advice i've gotten since I been a MODEL. Thank you DALLAS :)

  8. I think this is just another case of People acting like sheep. Its not just in the fashion industry, this behaviour by people in authority have become evident in every aspect of our society. But think about this....there was a situation where farmers all striked and some of their co-workers showed up anyway. The farmers later killed all these members who werent down with their striking agreement. point?....The problem is not the bookers as they are at lest co-hesive with their behaviour. The problem lies with models who arent willing to stand as a unit, think as a unit and abandon the crab inside of a barrel mentality. #WeTellPeopleHowToTreatUs