Friday, August 5, 2011


Marisa of Fenton Moon

Hey Blog followers. It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I have to apologize for that (yeah, I know. You don’t want to hear it). For real, though. It’s hard for me to just right a random blog.  My blogs have to be inspired (or I should say triggered from something that I occurred in my life) and it affects me so much that I am compelled to write about it.

This blog may come across conceited and that is sooooooo not the case, but lately (well honestly it’s been a while). I’ve been noticing a really poor trend. Photo whores.

Photo whores? What’s that you asked? Well a photo whore is a model (or “model”) that likes to amass lots of photographs of themselves for no apparent reason. They are constantly shooting and “building their book” when there is no need to do so. They stalk photographers in hopes to get shot so they can get bragging rights, or if nothing else “hot” photographs (please see previous blog: “Don’t Shoot With Me” I never really understood the mind of the photo whore, but I guess it’s no different than the GWC (Guy With Camera) trying to get as many “models” in front of their camera for no apparent reason (except I guess to get them naked - that's ANOTHER blog for another time).

Well there are two types of Photo Whores. Those that amass quality photos from quality photographers. They want to build their book with the best possible images that they can. They are constantly testing upward and constantly looking for better photographs and constantly trying to keep their look “fresh” in the public’s eye and then there is the “model” that just doesn’t give a damn. And guess what “model”? This blog is just for you.

When you are running around and jumping in front of every Tom, Dick and Harry’s camera without the understanding of how it is going to benefit you, you produce poor photographs. Because of the poor photographs, you develop a reputation which tells professional photographers to steer clear of you, because you are not considered serious. It also lets quality photographers know that you have no idea what you are doing and you don’t know quality, so why should we waste our time with you.

I am constantly approached by “models” wanting to shoot with me, and I look at their track record of photography. When I see their photographic line up and it is full of poor photographs, bad retouching, awful, unattractive angles, inexperienced lighting, etc., I then ask “why do you want to shoot with me.” The usual retort is “because you will give me quality images (aka “hotness.”) I always wonder to myself: “then why did you shoot with all these bad photographers?” At this point I honestly do not wish to shoot with you, because you wouldn’t know “hotness” if it landed on you in a RangeRover SUV.

True Story:

There was a beautiful female model that I shot for a hair campaign. I always wanted to work with her. She was new to New York and I was one of the first photographers to work with her (this time I am bragging). We produced beautiful photographs and she proudly displayed me in her book.

Whenever she want to castings, my photo was usually the opening image shortly followed by a series of photos that could not compete. She never got called back. Why? “Her photos are inconsistent. She looked great in one set of photos, but the rest turned out to be garbage” This is the words from the Casting Director’s own lips. “We can see that she is beautiful, but we cannot tell if she can PHOTOGRAPH beautifully, because she was only photographed well one time. The rest of her book is garbage.” So in essence, my photos of her, though good, was killing her career, because the other images could not compete. This is not a bragging right situation. This is a wake up situation. CHOOSE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS WISELY.

Good photographers like to be in the company of good photographers. It tells us that you value our work, and the work of our peers and that you wish to produce the best possible photos for your portfolio. Like I said in the previous blog: If our photos are not doing their jobs, then we as the photographer are not doing OUR job.

Again, “models,” this is YOUR career. If you don’t want to take it seriously and want to shoot with inept photographers keep doing so. I guess working at Hollister is all you'll ever want to do.

Think about it.


  1. this is one of my fav blog posting

  2. I love this post. There's so much I love about it I'll just say its all on point! Enough said.


  3. Great concern, but lets be careful of how we nurture our young aspires with some of these words, I have been an agent for 15 years and one of the things we always tell new faces is to continue shooting as much as possible. We actually look for tenacity when it comes to booking some of the major campaigns in our New York office.

  4. Dear Agent -

    This isn't geared towards "new faces" and I totally understand the concept of them building their chops in front of the lens, however, you being a booker STILL wouldn't have your model shooting with just ANYONE. Would you send your model to shoot with a poorly qualified photographer, producing poor images of YOUR talent? I am going to venture to say no.

  5. Dear Mr. Logan,

    You would probably consider my photos as garbage as well but, i just started out and i'm trying to get as much experience as possible. Also some of the best photographers are very expensive especially when you're young and just starting out. Its a very hard process because you want to be seen but don't know where to go or start. Most of those "great" photographers never want to work with someone who's starting out so you cannot blame the poor model for shooting with just anyone.

  6. Dear Model -

    That is a very astute observation. A couple of things though: an "expensive" photographer isn't necessarily a "good" photographer. Please bear that in mind. A quality photograph comes from a "skillful" and "talented" photographer.

    I totally understand that a lot of models have meager incomes. I get that. But I also get that if you are SERIOUS about your career, you will take the time to invest in it. Lots of times models approach me and are unable to afford my rates. I am negotiable. A lot of us are believe it or not. The recession as affected ALL of us. Some models have worked out payment installments. As little as $20.00 here $30.00 there will eventually add up. But again (since I haven't seen your images - I really cannot speak on their quality), you STILL should be discerning in your choices of photographers. Always remember the phrase "TEST UP. DON'T TEST DOWN."

  7. I live in Pa so its very hard to find quality photographers because everyone is a photographer nowadays. I didn't know you can make installment payments and i would love to invest in my career but its very difficult being that i'm school. I'm not trying to make excuses for myself either. I really appreciate making this blog because when you are starting out you hear so many false statements such as don't turn anyone down if you're starting out. I will send you a private message of facebook so you can look at my pictures if you don't mind. I would love your feedback, i'm a strong believer in constructive criticism.

  8. Nice n positive, very helpful n real. Nice Mr. Dallas Logan. I'm checking for moreof your blogs .. DaimionH

  9. Brilliant my friend! I read this blog and I didn't have to do too much thinking nor did I have to say to myself, "I don't understand it." I understand in life there's always new birth of any/everything. Photographers, models, talent, and common sense. Photographers have to be for the models and the models have to be for the photographers. It's a hand-in-hand benefit. I don't believe in one-sided--like they always say, there's two sides to every story.

    I agree with the anonymous agent, that the models have to test all the time. It gives experience and it gives the model a chance to see for themselves that every photographer's eye is different. But when you slap some strawberry jam on this issue, Dallas Logan, you're right. If an agent is going to send a model to a photographer, the agent wants to make sure that the photographer gets it right the first time. I would never send one of my models to a photographer that may not have it all right. If anything, I would take out time to mentor the photographer, give him some positive key words of advice, so he or she can continue to move forward with their dreams and make their shoots extraordinary--so that the agent and model, and most importantly, themselves, have a huge benefit.

    When a photographer does not take out the time to study the model, or study him/her self, then you'll end up with whore photography. I feel that every man/woman behind the camera has something special to offer to each person that stands in front of the camera. Most importantly, I've learned that there are no two people the same. It's a competitive business, as we all know. But it would be great to have a world full of amazing photographers rather than a blind man with a camera--don't know what the hell they're doing.

  10. Very good dallas i def learned something here!

  11. Well said Dallas! I'm sure you can believe the number of models who come to me that are camera whores with horrendous portfolios. My advise like yours, invest in yourself, we do installments and negotiate if we think you're worth our time, and when you get the good photos, 1 thing Dallas left out, ditch all the bad photos in your book, it may be thinner, but quality over quantity.

    Model in PA, I'm relocating there in may, if you're serious look out for me if Dallas is too far away:)

    Jeff Boyle - ikon visuals

  12. A friend of mines recommended me to read this blog. And as a model, I think you made me realised the true meaning of what modelling is. I agreed 100% with everything you said. And I appreciate the fact that you took time to write each letter of this blog. Because models like me, now have understand how to take modelling a different perspective and not for the photos here and there. Youc certainly taught me a lesson!

    Lisa Narinesingh

  13. Well DAMN!!!... You are truth... love this constructive criticism .... "YOU GOIN' LEARN TA DAY!!!" .... your wisdom is really appreciated sir... love this <3